What to Blog About: 17 Fresh Sources for Blog Topics

By Andy Crestodina

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You’ve committed to blogging and the deadline is looming …but the screen in front of you is blank. So you ask yourself the biggest question in content marketing. What to blog about?

Good news! Blog topics are everywhere.

To show how easy it is to find blog topics for any business, let’s use a random word generator to find a theme. Get ready for our random word… bake.

So today we’re a baking company, blogging about cakes and baking. But of course, each of these sources for blog post topics can be used for any company in any industry.

Blog topics from keyphrase research tools

Keyphrase research isn’t just for SEO. It’s a powerful tool for content strategists. It’s a fun, fast way to read the minds of millions of people and find great blog topics.

1. Use the topics that Google is suggesting

Whenever you search in Google, you’ll see suggested topics as Google auto-completes your query with a longer phrase. This is convenient for searchers, but it’s a gold mine for bloggers.

Just type in a question word (such as “which”) and your topic word (such as “cakes”) and Google will suggest a list of blog topics.

Add a letter and you’ll see more suggestions. But it’s a long slow process to enter all 26 letters of the alphabet. Fortunately, there are tools that do this for you. One of them is Keyword Tool.

These may be topics you would never have thought of. And each of them is pulled directly from Google, proving there is demand for the topic in search engines. These are blog topics that can win search traffic and attract new visitors.

Another tool that pulls topics from Google Suggest is SerpStat. It has a nice feature that filters out question phrases. It doesn’t remove duplicates and close matches as well as Keyword Tool, so there is a larger number of questions, but you’ll have to filter through to find the good ones.

These question-related topics are excellent for the top-of-the-funnel blog posts that drive traffic.

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