What Is Content Curation?


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Content curation is the process of finding and compiling existing content on topics that are relevant to your audience and industry or niche.

Put simply: you turn content that has already created (by you or others) into your own new piece of content.

To add to that, content curation is only really meaningful when you include your views on the curated content. Give your audience a reason to consume your curated content (and come back), instead of someone else’s.

And how does this help your SEO efforts?

A well-executed content curation strategy adds value for readers, resulting in social shares, links, and ultimately better rankings.

As an illustration of the results that just one curated article can bring in, check out this example: Top 16 Websites for Finding Perfect GIFs and Memes.

Naturally, that article lists the best websites to find GIFs and memes. This is a fun topic, and so it gets shared and linked to easily, as proven by these Ahrefs stats:

Factors for Content Curation Success

Now let’s get our hands dirty and discuss the factors that make content curation a success.

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