How to Start a $100k Blog: 8 Bloggers Making 6 Figures Share Their Secrets


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Maintaining an active blog is a full-time endeavor. You have to find quality content, write posts, engage in social media, find ways to get your posts seen by a wide audience – the list goes on.

So if blogging is a full-time job, why don’t bloggers get paid like it’s one? The answer is simple: you should be.

Many successful bloggers have found a way to turn their hobby into a lucrative way to make good money, and you can too.

By looking at a few successful bloggers, and dissecting what exactly makes them the majority of their income, we can figure out what would work best for you, too.

Abby makes $31,000/Month


Site Age: 3 years

Niche: Home organization, DIY, and home decor

Total February Income: $36,234

Total February Expenses: $4,942

Net Income: $31,292

As a home decor blogger, Abby certainly knows how to be crafty. Her wildly successful DIY website has helped her earn over $31,000 per month. This not only makes her the highest paid female on this list, but the highest paid person as well.

After taking a look at her February 2016 Income Report, we can begin to assess how her earnings and expenses are broken down.

The majority of this month’s income (a whopping $10,000) comes from her Framework e-book and course. Basically, she’s successful enough in her own right that she’s able to sell her blogging tips and tutorials at a price that people will purchase them for.

Her second most successful business venture this month comes from her Webinar bundle, which earned her nearly $8,700. And her third most successful venture, earning her over $8,600 this month, is her affiliation with Bluehost.

All she has to do is refer people to the website with a little bit of guidance on how to start their own blog (which she did here), and she earns approximately $65 per sign up.


How you can make money referring users to Blue Host:

If you’d like to get in the business of promoting Webhosting affiliates just like Abby does, look no further than this post.

Step #1: Pick a niche that you’re interested in to blog about.

Step #2: Start your blog.

Step #3: Sign up for Bluehost’s affiliate program.

Step #4: Create content that will rank high in Google, so people will see it and sign up for Bluehost (think about Abby’s article — she is a DIY blog, so her post was ‘How to start your own DIY blog’. Stick with your theme).

Step #5: Promote your content however you can.

Step #6: Rinse and Repeat until you get enough traffic. That’s it.

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