Author’s Bio

All authors need an author biography . These are usually sent with the cover letter and are written in third person. It’s nice to have a usable all-occasion bio saved on your computer.

  • You don’t need to stress over it. Just a couple of lines is fine
  • Don’t worry that you don’t have anything to say. Everyone does.
    • Don’t have any publishing credits or a website? Substitute it who you live with, what you do for a living or for fun, or what are your favorite books.
    • Readers have a natural curiosity about  ‘who said it’. They enjoy getting a glimpse into the author’s life.
  • Some publishers want serious, business-like bios, listing education level, career, and publications, if any. Others are more fun, or even ridiculous.
  • Many publishers are fine with just about anything the author wants to say. The best way to know what’s appropriate for each publication is to read it, if possible.