Amazon Kindle – the king of digital publishing

Amazon Kindle is the largest platform for publishing digital books. A typical example of kindle book sales data would be, in terms of ‘Amazon sales rank’.

For example :

#1 Book has roughly 6,400 sales a day

#2 Book has roughly 5,800 sales a day

#3 Book has roughly 5,200 sales a day

#4 Book has roughly 4,600 sales a day

#5 Book has roughly 4,000 sales a day

So you can see just for the top five books, it totals up to 26,000 books sold each day !
Assuming that 90% of these books are actually read, that means, just with those five books, 23,400 people are reading each day !

The fact that Amazon has millions of books for sale makes it the biggest share holder of digital printing world

This is verified by the recent report from

  • Indie­-published eBooks account for 43% (and increasing ) of all eBook sales on Amazon.
  • The big five publishers account for only 23% (and falling).
  • The rest are from small to medium publishers (17%)
  • Amazon-published authors (10%), and
  • publishers with a single author (7%).

So, it is evident that Indie authors as a whole are selling nearly twice as many eBooks as the big five publishing houses on Amazon.

The report also gives statistics on what they call the ‘$100,000 club’. This is made up of authors who earn six figures or more from all formats of their book. On Amazon, there is a total of 1,340 authors who achieve this feat just from their sales.

If we look at people who’ve become authors within the last five years, 425 of them are self-published indie authors. Only 115 of them are published by one of the big five publishers.

This not only is evidence that self-publishing is viable choice for a new writer but also that Amazon is the plat form that they can not ignore for publishing their work.